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A Quick Glance

Who am I? How things started?


I’m a marine mechanical engineer. Travelled many countries and cities, speaking several languages, writing books about psychoanalytical observations of living creatures, have licences in 6 different sports branches, trained 4 basketball and volleyball teams, reading articles 24/7, designing projects for clean and sustainable energy, recycling and upcycling, etc and etc, and so many more etcs ..


And yes, I “make” photos. I don’t take them. From beginning to end, I feel like I’m creating something non-existing. Seeing, feeling, capturing, editing; filling it with LOVE in every single step.. So yes, this shouldn’t be named “taking photos”. It’s a kind of “making”.


Worked onboard the ships for years, I was always unhappy. Yes was earning bunches of money, but it is like having money in Mars. You can’t spend it. I had the top rank, but I never wanted to work for companies. Plus, I was tired to resist against people discharging tonnes of oily water and garbage into oceans! I couldn’t be in such a shameful position!


I always wanted to explore the globe inches by inches but not on a commercial ship. Floating on the sea continuously made me so deeply melancholical. I had never had a photograph machine but I had a mobile phone. Started to try some shots, better day by day, learned how to edit, months passed, people loved my photos on Instagram because yes “I was simply expressing my melancholy” out! Clicks were simple sometimes (though incredibly hard on a moving vehicle, storm, wind, rain, vibration of the main engine, waves, etc..) but the emotions in them were sharp and complex. Then I discovered myself through my photos.


Life is short, I wanted to make my own living ecosystem. I quit working on ships, started a steady life on land, now I’m giving consultancy, educations and seminars to brands and people. I’m drawing roadmaps for brands and people. I’m not working for anyone, anymore. I’m just sharing my knowledge with people and brands who have “ethical values”. Doing all these parallel with photography. Yes, I’m exploring the world by working at the same time. A creative work, full of love, full of art.


Now is the time to share them with you. My current archive includes 1000+ photos and counting. And it always will..


Love, Ercan.