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What is influencer and the engagement rate?

What is influencer and the engagement rate?

Influencer is the person who influences people with her/his works.
Technically, for Instagram, following rules apply:
* to have more than 20.000 followers
* to follow less than 500 accounts
* to create original content
* not to repost frequently from other accounts
* not to buy followers, likes, comments, video views, etc.
Engagement rate is the indicator which shows how your followers are likely to like and comment on your content, how you interact with them etc.
My Engagement Rate is over 30% currently and the next account has no higher than 20%.
Numbers mean nothing to me but on the other hand Maths never lie. These stats show how I care about people, life and love.
The part which I’m proud is not the numbers. It is the “connection“.


*** Stats are being calculated by Instagram’s Official Partner, Iconosquare, formerly known as Statigram.

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